Maeka Deskmate Screensaver

The Maeka deskmate screensaver is just plain hot! There's no other way to put it.

Download Maeka deskmate screensaver

Maeka runs around your screen in various states of undress and slays dragons, fights evil, and just generally makes the world a better place. As with all the other deskmates, Maeka is just downright entertaining, almost to the point of being disruptive. At least if you're at work and all the guys in the office are crowded around your computer to watch Maeka fight a dragon, just hoping that a boob will pop out (it probably will!) or if your wife sees it and wants to know if you think she's as hot as Maeka - Yeah, let's see her slay a dragon!.

So don't hesitate, the download is free and then you might as well pay for the upgrade or you'll miss all the really good stuff!

Here's the write-up from Maeka's web site:

Maeka DeskMate is an interactive cartoon character who lives on your Windows desktop. You can download a FREE demonstration of Maeka by CLICKING HERE. The Free Maeka Download contains 4 general animation sequences and 2 of Maeka's touch reaction sequences. That's only a fraction of the full product but it gives you a taste of what's ahead when you register. The fully registered version of Maeka, which is Only $24.95, has in excess of 15000 individual hand drawn cels. This equates to literally hundreds of individual animated sequences which includes a total of 10 touch reaction sequences. These touch sequences are activated if you touch Maeka or move her around the screen with your mouse. If you leave her alone, she will amuse herself and entertain you in the process. When you leave Maeka alone she will amuse herself and will randomly select one of the animations from about half of her library. After you click on Maeka and activate her touch reactions she will then perform an animation selected from the other half of her library. We did this so that Maeka will continue to do things you have not seen before for a long time after you buy her. Put a little action into your day and your desktop with Maeka. PLEASE NOTE: Maeka DeskMate is ONLY available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP.

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