Screensaver Guide: Only The Best Screensavers

These are not the latest, trendiest screensavers, but are the types of screen savers you want on your computer day after day. They offer lots of top quality pictures and/or entertainment that will not get boring. Some of these will also set your desktop wallpaper as well.

Deskmate Screensavers - These animated screensavers are fantastic! One is a cute little bear named "Oska" that does all sorts of crazy thinks on your desktop. It is very entertaining and fun for the kids.

Then there is a fun, sultry female character, called Tahni, pictured to the right, that most men will probably prefer.

If you really want something racy, try Kahli, who has some interesting touch features!

The newest deskmate screensaver is Maeka. She slays dragons and fights evil. The good thing is, she does it in the nude, for the most part. Yeah, she's more for guys...nothing too racy, but lots of fun!

The downloads are free and lots of fun and you can unlock additional features for a few bucks.



Beautiful Places - Western US - Several dozen beautiful photos of the western United States, including, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches National Park, San Francisco, Crater Lake, Oregon, California and New Mexico. This download is about 4.5mb. For Windows Only. Related wallpaper and photos are at PicturesOf.Net.

Webshots Screensaver - There is just too much here to imagine! There's just about every topic covered including a bikini screensaver. The photos are fantastic and the site is easy to navigate and offers more photos than you can shake a stick at.

Animal Screensaver - 12 beautiful photos in all including a sleeping kitten, a puppy, 2 beautiful lions, praying mantis, koala, parrot, dalmation, butterflies, a snake, polar bear, and bees on a sunflower.

Burns Photography - Beautiful images of the Wisconsin countryside! Snowscapes, flowers, architecture, boats... very nice! Search the Web.
Can't find what you need here at Try using the search box to the left to find anything on the web.

Space Screensavers - These screensavers include 63 space photos, including deep space photos, the space shuttle, the solar system, including all the planets, nebulae, galaxies, planets, moons, comets... The pictures are excellent.

Screen Themes Screensaver - The Screen Themes screen saver offers some fantastic pictures. The quality is excellent and the subjects are always interesting. Once you have downloaded the free trial version, you must pay for each picture pack you want.

Eclipse Macintosh Screensavers - This Macintosh screensaver is a quick download at under 800k, and allows you to customize it with your own pictures and QuickTime movies. If you don't want it to display pictures or movies it will simply display the time. If you're looking for pictures to use with this program, you might want to try the photographs of PicturesOf.NET.

Rock Climbing Screensaver - A fantastic selection of rock-climbing photos that can also be set as wallpaper for your computer. There are over 2000 photos total available for this screensaver covering various topics.

Brazilian Nature - Beautiful photos of Brazilian nature and wildlife. There are four savers: Rainforest; tropical birds; butterflies; and flowers. There are also free picture packs offered.

Religious Images Screensavers - There are two religious screen savers here; one contains inspirational photos and bible quotes, the other features images of angels. The photos are top quality and quite inspirational.

Skiing & Snowboarding Screensaver - A fantastic program that offers lots of high-quality photos of skiers and snowboarders. The photos can also be set as wallpaper, and can be set to rotate at various intervals.

Art Screensavers - Take your pick from 3 screen savers with a total of over 100 images of impressionist paintings and the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci. The quality of the photos is excellent!

Nature Screensavers - There are several screen savers in this nature series: alluring skies; sunsets; waterfalls; mountainscapes; oceanscapes; and waterscapes. The photos are top quality. Many of the photos are stunningly beautiful.

Sports Screensaver - This screen saver offers high quality photos of various sports and outdoor activities, including surfing, windsurfing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, running, golfing, hang gliding, sky diving, skiing, and snowboarding. The pictures are available as packs of 15-20 photos. The photos can also be set as wallpaper, and both wallpaper and screensaver photos can be automatically rotated. There are also many other topics to choose from, such as animals, nature, cities...


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